Spiritual Ministry

Anthony Nayagan

“My life experiences did not defeat me. Instead they made me stronger in the joy of gratefulness. In all these experiences, God remained faithful. Every attachment I held on to was based on shaky foundations. These will eventually perish. What is joyous and everlasting is the blessings based on wholesome knowledge; that is, the Wisdom of God.”

I was a teenage alcoholic. I’ve suffered homelessness, clinical and spiritual depression, encountered all sorts of abuses as a child, even sexual abuse. I’ve experienced divorce, loss of children and bankruptcy. This book is the testimony of the real-life transformations of a secular Catholic, not a religious scholar.

Anthony Nayagan shares his own experiences and the wisdom he has found in a way that inspires, educates and motivates, and helps you open your own door to the spirituality and consciousness you seek. This book is the result of all those life experiences along with his interpersonal relationship with the Divine.