“Wisdom of Likeness”



“Wisdom of Likeness”


Sacred Covenant

Unveiling the Sacred Covenant

Throughout history, a Sacred Covenant has existed between the Divine and the Mystics. This timeless pact has been the driving force behind the remarkable contributions of countless mystics, who, having realized this covenant, have left an indelible mark on humanity and the universe. Their enduring contributions continue to withstand the test of time, shaping our world and inspiring future generations.

Divine Engagement is an ancient lifestyle primarily practiced by mystics, who made significant contributions to humanity. These contributions spanned various fields such as:

  • Traditional Medicine: Ayurveda was inpired by a mystic
  • Mathematics: For example, the concepts of zero and infinity were influenced by Mayan and Indian mystics.
  • Astrology
  • Philosophy (Vedanta)
  • Architecture: The designs and techniques to construct the temples in India were inspired by mystics.
  • Music: The classical music in India has mystical origins.
  • & More.

Anthony Nayagan, a revered mystic, presents his latest book, “Divine Engagement, The Wisdom of Likeness,” aimed at empowering creators, innovators, and thought-leaders to make impactful and enduring contributions to humanity. This transformative guide is now available for free pre-release download, offering invaluable insights and wisdom. Elevate your legacy and download your copy today.

Anthony Nayagan elaborates on Divine Engagement in his book, referring to it as Theistic Activism. This concept is rooted in the belief that divine guidance leads to enduring actions and initiatives, as illustrated in Hinduism and Christianity. For instance, Jesus stated in John 5:19, “The Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.”

Key Concepts of Theistic Activism

  • Divine Guidance: Actions inspired by divine principles are believed to be more sustainable and impactful than those driven solely by human intelligence and societal trends.
  • Innovation and Longevity: Innovations inspired by divine guidance are more likely to withstand the test of time 1.
  • System and Decision Making: Governance and policies rooted in divine principles are more equitable, just, and resilient 1.

Best Selling Author & Coach​


Anthony Nayagan's Mission​

Anthony Nayagan’s mission, through his book and personalized coaching, is to bring the principles of Theistic Activism to modern leaders and innovators. His goal is to train these individuals to:

  • Create and Innovate: Encouraging innovations that are sustainable and impactful.
  • Build Systems and Policies: Developing governance structures that reflect universal truths and values 2.

Cultivating Awareness

This heightened awareness helps individuals discern divine guidance, ensuring their actions and decisions are aligned with this Sacred Covenant and  timeless spiritual principles 1.

Theistic Activism offers a transformative approach to social change, innovation, and governance by integrating divine guidance into these processes.

This approach aims to create a more sustainable and impactful future, driven by principles that transcend human limitations and societal trends 1, 2.

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