Spiritual Ministry


A Journey into the Depths of Conscious Energy

Healing, Joy, Prosperity & Peace

The mission of this book is to reach out to all those who have left the Church. Devastating sex scandals and abuses of power have pushed people away from the Church and from God. Meanwhile, the Church continues to recover from its mistakes while failing to go after the people who are leaving. Christ, the Good Shepherd, told us to go after that one sheep that was lost.

More than half of Americans are disenchanted with the Church, but most of them consider themselves spiritual or religious.

Carl Rahner said, “In the days ahead, Christians will either be a mystic (one who has experienced God for real) or nothing at all.” “Nothing” is more and more becoming a reality, as millions of people leave the Churches. Invariably Mystical Theology must be reinvented, so that everyone can embrace modern day Christian Mysticism in their daily lives.

Supreme Realization is one-hundred-percent inspired, a real-life journal of a Catholic, an ordinary sinful man who searched for Truth in all religions, even leaving the Church and staying away from it for more than twenty-five years. It is a study of Christianity in light of modern scientific discoveries that recommends a deep-seated approach based on Mystical Theology for people of all religions, for everyday life.

It breaks down complex theological and spiritual subject matters such as consciousness and self realization and recommends pragmatic approaches for a fulfilled life in spirituality. It conveys a message that there is hope in Christ. This hope promises healing, prosperity, peace and joy from a spiritual life in Christ with or without the involvement of Churches.

Religion is not about authentic conformity to scholarly interpretations of scripture. It is an experience realized. As conformists without questions, we often fall into religious extremism. Such extremism exists in every major religion around the world.

What breaks us out of this conformity induced extremism? Our freedom. Freedom to explore the scriptures at deeper level. Such exploration demands that we develop our inner freedom to a level of perfection. With inner freedom, when we explore the Words in every religious text, extraordinary wisdom awaits us. Supreme Realization provides a step-by-step guide to developing perfect inner freedom.

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