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Finding Your Path: Navigating Spirituality Outside Traditional Structures

Discover how to forge your own spiritual path, free from the confines of conventional religious institutions. Learn to identify what resonates with your inner self and build a practice that reflects your personal beliefs
Unlock the wisdom within by tuning into your intuition and inner guidance. This section offers techniques for meditation, reflection, and other practices to help you connect with your inner spiritual voice.

Saturday 1st June

10am - 4:30pm (UK Time)

Embracing Love and Inner Freedom in Modern-Day Christian Mysticism Rediscovering Spiritual Enlightenment Beyond Fear and Rigidity

Rediscovering Spiritual Enlightenment Beyond Fear and Rigidity
Engage in interactive workshops designed to help you rediscover the love within yourself and cultivate the inner freedom to express that love. Explore concepts akin to “Bhakti” in Eastern traditions, and learn how to manifest worship through love and freedom.
Participate in healing services that aim to provide hope, peace, and joy derived from a spiritually enriched life. Experience transformative practices that promote emotional and spiritual healing, guided by our experienced facilitators.

Interactive Q&A: Deepening Your Spiritual Understanding Engaging, Informative Answers for Your Spiritual Journey

Hurry! as of July 12 we have limited seats left.

Here’s what you’ll discover at this FREE LIVE Seminar…

Keynote Presentation: The Transformative Power of Pure Observation - Liberate your mind from preconceptions and foster boundless creativity.

Interactive Q&A: Deepening Your Understanding - Engaging, informative answers to enhance your spiritual journey.

Holistic Well-Being: Embracing a Balanced Life - Learn to integrate spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Practical Workshops: Applying Observation Techniques- Hands-on sessions to practice and refine your observational skills.

Hurry! as of July 12 we have limited seats left.

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Our Speaker

Anthony Nayagan stands as a beacon of resilience, having triumphed over a tumultuous past marked by teenage alcoholism, homelessness, clinical and spiritual depression, childhood abuses—including sexual abuse—divorce, loss of children, and bankruptcy. His life, shaped by these challenges, serves as a powerful testament to the strength of faith and the transformative potential of the human spirit.

Supreme Realization’s mission is not the declaration of a religious scholar but a journey narrated by a secular Catholic. Nayagan’s experiences, filled with adversity, did not break him; instead, they forged a strength rooted in gratitude towards God. His unwavering faith endured through the trials, highlighting the fragility of attachments built on unstable foundations. Nayagan’s revelation is found not in the fleeting nature of worldly pursuits but in the enduring joy derived from the wisdom of God.