Divine Engagement


Anthony Nayagan, a revered mystic, presents his latest book, “Divine Engagement, The Wisdom of Likeness,” aimed at empowering creators, innovators, and thought-leaders to make impactful and enduring contributions to humanity.

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Unveiling the Sacred Covenant

Throughout history, a Sacred Covenant existed between the Divine and the Mystics. This timeless pact has been the driving force behind the remarkable contributions of countless mystics, who have left an indelible mark on humanity and the universe.

Their enduring contributions continue to withstand the test of time, shaping our world and inspiring future generations.

These contributions include various fields such as:

  • Traditional Medicine: Ayurveda was inpired by a mystic
  • Mathematics: For example, the concepts of zero and infinity were influenced by Mayan and Indian mystics.
  • Astrology
  • Philosophy (Vedanta)
  • Architecture: The designs and techniques to construct the temples in India were inspired by mystics.
  • Music: The classical music in India has mystical origins.
  • & More.

Reviews of Readers

“In his treatise, “Divine Engagement, The Wisdom of ‘Likeness’”, Anthony Nayagan seeks to encourage people to create a conscious connection, whereby they can create in duality, with the divine. And, by creating divinely from our core spirit we assure a high quality of shared and personal legacies. This book instructs that just past our mind lies our spirit, and there the true glory of creative endeavor can be undertook. 

For such a complex compound, it goes down easily- warmly infusing the reader with an invoked sense of endless capacity. Similar to the musings of CS Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”, there is an approach here that goes beyond ideology, though several are explored.”

Honor Posey, USA

“WISDOM OF LIKENESS is a great self-help book with detailed and concise ways on how to discover self. It explains working with God without losing purpose with lessons to learn from different religion. Readers are going to love the book and learn a great deal. The writing is great, the spiritual and life examples in the book is top notch and readers are going to get value for their money.”

Charlotte John, UK

“Thank you very much for your trust and the share of this mind reboost and reminder that can speak to souls for the deep need for innovation and inventors, the hardest hitted by the human kind. They have been treated like the worst enemy, majority of the greatest inventors died poor and expelled, which humanity afterwards they turn them to biggest global heroes after death.

I find your book a hymn to spirituality and innovation, 2 things that can not be separated and if you don’t have the first you will never reach the other and I am talking about impact innovation.”

Dimitris Atlanis, Greece

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